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Stone lantern from lava stone

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We are craftsmen stones in Muntilan, Central Java, Indonesia. This business was founded by our parents since 1990, until finally we are expanding it this time. The shop at the same time our workshop in western youth road, Muntilan.

Provides a wide range of stone crafts, among others are stone lanterns, fountains, reliefs reliefs of Borobudur and flowers of plants, and of course do not forget the mortar, Muntu and mortar as well as pestle.

Other products such as brooms, duster, flower vases are also provided.

Our products are already to the neighboring countries including Malaysia, Australia, Brunei, USA to England.

With the rapid advancement of the development, we now present also on the internet, with the concept of online stores.

Our product are stone garden lanterns, fountains, pots, mortar, cobek, relief, Borobudur stupa, and our latest products is a stone barbeque for grilling meat.

We use raw materials derived from lava stone from Mount Merapi. These stones as stones in the temple Borobudur temple atapun existing temple in Java Indonesia which stood a few centuries ago. so the strength and resilience has proven able to survive long in all seasons for a long time ..

with the selection of a good stone, and a reliable workforce, we are creating our products with quality of export. many of our products are in demand by foreign buyers.

Besides lava rock, we also make lanterns or relief of limestone rock, the sandstone yellow. This stone is suitable for lanterns or relief fitted in well home.There our products that use sandstone rocks. This stone color – gray with texture and unique striped pattern in the stone. But the stone is not suitable for mounting outdoors. more good for indoors because it is not strong against direct solar heat.

Our products can be seen in the photo gallery on this website, or can be via email if you want.


lampu taman dari batu




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Stone lantern from lava stone | Lampion batu alam

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